School Counselor

Kiley Marti
Webster Primary Center Counselor

School Counselor
A school guidance counselor works with staff and parents to support the personal, social, emotional, and academic growth of all students. Taking into consideration the “whole child,” the counselor takes a team approach to problem solving with students, teachers, and parents.
The counselor supports children in the areas of school adjustment, dealing with stress, building self confidence, improving conflict resolution and friendship skills, knowing and expressing feelings, coping with family changes, and developing school success skills. The counselor counsels students individually or in small groups to help them resolve or cope with issues that may interfere with learning. The school counselor presents lessons and activities that meet students' developmental needs or address specific classroom issues. The school counselor is a resource for students, teachers, and parents.

A School Counselor Can Help STUDENTS With:

Developing study stills
Getting organized
Improving your grades
Adjusting to a new school or grade

Making friends
Resolving conflicts
Dealing with peer pressure

Developing self-confidence and responsibility
Exploring your interests, abilities and talents

Getting along with brothers and sisters
Coping with family changes

A School Counselor can assist PARENTS with:
Helping your child to have a positive school experience
Meeting your child’s individual needs
Understanding the developmental stages of childhood
Improving communication with your child
Locating community resources